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National University of Arts Bucharest, Higher Education Institution is an ECHE holder active and compliant with the Charter principles from 2007. During all this time, our institution has continued to increase and improve its operational capacity to take part in more and more Erasmus Programme activities such as learning and teaching individual mobilities and cooperation for innovation and good practices. Erasmus Office is a department integrated in the management of the quality of university education with activities of the Erasmus + KA103 and KA107 projects of individual mobility for students, professors and staff.

Our HEI’s main objective is participation in Erasmus+ Programme as a part of international cooperation strategy for modernization and internationalization.

UNA Bucharest is a comprehensive University continuously developing its strategy for art education Curricula modernization with focus on artistic creation and strongly supports mobilities, development in program diversity and recognition of arts education within European cultural space.

The university will develop strategic partnerships with universities, enterprises of all sizes, centres of innovation and research entities, to implement international projects that will stimulate innovation, good practices, concurrency and creativity in teaching and learning

The university promotes equality and non-discrimination policies, pointing out that students with limited opportunities can receive additional support. Two of our most important values are: intercultural cooperation and respect for social and cultural diversity this is why we concentrate on developing transnational teaching activities.

We will further develop and implement the new ECHE principles by:

Ensuring full and equitable access to participants from all backgrounds paying particular attention to those with fewer opportunities, we offer extensive help and we facilitate processes for students with fewer opportunities;

Continue to develop a well explained methodology for allocating ECS credits and grading system, we already give a full explanation/ methodology of our grading system, conversion and recognition of grades an ECTS, sent in a fact sheet every semester to our partners;

Putting measures in place to implement the European student card initiative and continuing to promote the programs Erasmus plus mobile app to students, we currently support students to use the mobile application in order to facilitate the course of the mobility;

Implementing and promoting environmentally friendly practices in the context of Erasmus plus program and promoting civic engagement and active citizenship amongst outgoing and incoming students before, after and during mobility.
After a fifteen years’ experience working with Erasmus projects, taking into account the international monitoring results of European and international mobility and cooperation activities we want to explore new creative and improved international exchange policies.

High-quality implementation is expected to ensure Erasmus Programme will be effective mostly when its mobility results are being disseminated therefor extending the impact of the project, assuring continuation and extension.

Quality assurance measures are taken and will be taken by our HEI as stated in our rector’s Declaration of Quality Policy: training and awareness of staff on quality management and internal/managerial control standards;  creating an organizational culture based on the concept of evaluation;  constant evaluation of the curriculum, professor’s quality and sufficiency for covering teaching programs, promotion and as well collegial evaluation of professors and professors by students.
For better quality implementation of the program we are looking to providing sufficient exposure to the program, online offline by disseminating the results of our staff and student mobilities;
Assuring available places to everyone inclusively to persons with fewer opportunities such as persons with financial difficulties for whom we offer top-up grants, students and staff with different disabilities for whom we offer extensive support in completing their mobility documents;
Making use of mobility results to further inspire and make visible the effect of an Erasmus Mobility, disseminate achievements and results online and offline by creating events or presentations;
The quality of processes assured, without exception, during all seven years of the upcoming project by engaging students/staff through their active participation;

Promote and support student and staff mobility, provide visibility to their results;
the approach of our work methods and flexibility on adapting the program to meet developmental and cultural needs within European context. Recognition and validation of qualifications that shall give a mobility or project the credit it deserves.

The adherence of the programme will be assured by following the clear methods, policy and fundamental principles;

The university will guarantee the portability of scholarships and financial social support for mobile students. The active role of the University within Erasmus Programme will improve financial aspects, development methods and modernization at European level

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